Aggressive Humility Recap

Aggressive Humility

Let it All Go

Sitting With the Father

King on A Donkey

Nothing God Can’t Do

I Want to be Like Christ

The Lamp of Your Tabernacle

Don’t Let Your Heart Decieve You

Receptor to Deceptor Part 3

Receptor to Deceptor Part 2


Percieve the Diagnosis

Can You See Your Way Out?

Perception the Deceptor

Festival of Purim

Passionate Pursuit

Are You Blind or Can’t You See?

Will you Surrender?

Where is Your Heart?



Let Go

Hold Fast

In Transit (recap)

In Transit

F.I.T.(Faithulness In Transition)

Remember Your Redemption

Your Testament

Covenant Breaker

How Much Will You Sacrifice?

The Reach

Selfless Defeat

Be Doers and Just Hearers

Grace or Displace

New Covenant

Victorious by Faith