Guidance and Care for Campus Ministry

The heart of all who are in Grad Chapter is rooted in remembering how we started: in campus ministry. We were cared for, guided, prayed over, and cheered on as we excelled in what God called us to. So after graduation, it is only fitting for us to do the same that was done for us for the generations of campus ministry that comes after us.

Grad Chapter is responsible for teaching, training, and imparting into the current students who are a part of campus ministry, raising money for their needs, and generally being responsible for their overall physical and spiritual well-being. One of the most important things to remember in being a part of Grad Chapter is that we are training our replacements, so they must have an excellent example to follow. Striving for excellence is of the utmost importance for us. This is in all things including academics in graduate school, Godly work ethic and integrity on our jobs, and every aspect of our personal lives.

In addition to this, Grad Chapter is to assist in the transitional process of students from high school to college. Our services are to assist in registration, financial aid, housing, etc. In addition, we also assist the process from undergrad to graduate education and/or the transition to one’s career. Currently we are in need of a facility that will enable us to better provide these services (whether it be internet use, degree consultations, etc.) to students in order for them to grow in God and excel in academia.