Bringing the Gospel to the air waves!


Check out King Lady (A.K.A Apostle Larinda King) and team Force at as they bring that “Oh, Oh, Oh My Lord” Gospel through the Internet airwaves.  Though it may seem unconventional to some for an Apostle to also be a radio broadcaster, God called her to use her gifts and education she has in Media and Communications to minister to young people world-wide.  In the span of less than two years after its launch in November 2011, God has blessed the Force to spread the uncompromising gospel to places like Russia, Ghana, and United Kingdom.

Upcoming Events

Be apart of the movement, Stop the Violence (STV) campaign. Join us every Wednesday and Friday at midnight for Savannah Cries to pray for our city. You don’t want to miss it!

Click Here to visit the Force Radio website.